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3 Best Web­cams With Pri­va­cy Shutter

When it comes to data and privacy, we bet you’d not want to take any chances, be it securing your accounts with a strong password or shielding your activities on the internet by using a VPN service. Similarly, a webcam with a privacy shutter would help you stay safe out there. The shutter blocks the camera lens when not in use and is likely to prevent any untoward incident from taking place. Also, they are easy to operate.


Read on to find our recommendations for the best webcams with privacy shutters. But before that,

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It’s an HD camera and manages to capture decent videos and still images. Several users back this claim in their review. Setup and installation is simple since it involves plug-and-play opertion.

It has above-average performance during the day, but struggles with the quality in low light scenario. The autofocus works. So your face won’t lose focus even when you fidget a lot during your meetings.

Like most cameras, this one attaches to the top of monitors and laptops via a clip. The shutter has a simple mechanism, and you can slide it off after your meetings. The budget pricing means you will have to trade-off some features. In this case, it’s the fluidity of the privacy cover since it’s not one of the smoothest ones out there.


Picture quality is way better than the average cameras. The Logitech C920s webcam offers HD resolution, and you get your hands on videos with accurate color reproduction. Plus, the picture is well-detailed.

You can tweak some of the features, such as brightness and contrast, using the camera’s software. The field of view is neither too tight nor too wide and offers decent coverage. And you can zoom and pan to set the frame as per your preference.

Lastly, the privacy shutter is a no-hassle affair—lift it off when you need to do a video call and set it down when you are down.

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Being a premium camera, you get plenty of extra perks. For instance, at 910-degree the field of view is pretty expansive, and the odds are that your viewers will be able to see ample space behind you. On the downside, if you are not too comfortable revealing your office or study, you can zoom in for a tighter frame. And guess what, this webcam has a built-in feature to replace the video background.

At the same time, it’s sleek and small, which adds to the portability factor. But it’s not without its share of cons. For instance, the autofocus is a little lacking for a premium camera.

However, there are not many apps that support 4K videos for calls and conferences. Sure, your colleagues would see a clear and natural-looking video, but that’s about it. The 4K resolution comes into the picture when you have to upload a high-res video of yourself. In short, if you want a camera that will double as your office webcam as well as your streaming camera, the Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro is the one for you.


Apart from the above, you can also take a peek at webcam privacy covers (like the CloudValley Webcam Cover) if you are not yet ready to part with your current webcam. These are small attachments that you can use to cover the lens of the camera. However, you’d need the exact shape and design of your current webcam to get the perfect fit.