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4 Hidden Features of tvOS 9.2 for Apple TV

tvOS 9.2 is one of the biggest “dot” releases (meaning in between major number releases) Apple has ever put out for Apple TV, new or old. The new Apple TV has gotten plenty of great features with this update including dictation for search, usernames and passwords and Home screen folders for your apps.

Apple TV

While these are super welcome additions to tvOS, we think you might benefit from some of the new features in tvOS 9.2 that didn’t quite make the cut for Apple’s big marketing push. But they’re still there, so check out these four new tvOS 9.2 features and improvements that you may not have known about.


This first feature is more of an improvement than something new in tvOS 9.2. If you’ve updated to the new software and started watching a video, you might have noticed scrubbing through doesn’t work the way it used to.

That’s because, in tvOS 9.2, Apple TV requires that you first pause the video before you can rewind or fast-forward through. Too many people were apparently accidentally scrubbing through by swiping the remote or sitting on it, myself included. So henceforth, first, click the touchpad, then swipe.

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Conference Room Display is geared toward business users but it could really be used by anyone. It’s a feature of AirPlay that, when enabled, will display a message with the screensaver instructing others how to connect to AirPlay for that device. It displays the Wi-Fi network so you can connect to the same one and the name of the Apple TV.

Whether you’re in a business meeting with multiple people who need to make a presentation or just at home with company and friends switching off on what to watch, Conference Room Display can come in handy.


So yes, tvOS 9.2 does officially add the ability to search through the App Store with Siri. Hold down the Siri button on your remote, state the name of an app, and Siri will pull it up and bring you to the App Store page.

However, previous to tvOS 9.2 for whatever reason I noticed this worked inconsistently for me anyway. So either way, at least now it’s a feature Apple confirms so it should work consistently. Plus, now you can conduct more broad searches like “Find games in the App Store.” This should make it much easier to find new apps.

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Whether this change is an improvement or not is up to you, but tvOS 9.2 brings the familiar style of multitasking we saw first in iOS 9. When you double click the Home button on your remote, your open apps will appear in a stack that you can swipe through like on the iPhone and iPad.

Some say this makes multitasking feel more smooth while others prefer the old multitasking UI. So far, it definitely seems a bit laggier on my Apple TV and it’s harder to land on the app you wanted.