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5 Features I Wish iPhone X Will Include

The 10th Anniversary Apple iPhone or iPhone X (as it has been now been termed) is all set to make its grand appearance in less than a day. Since the beginning of this year, the rumor mills are abuzz with the speculated features and leaks — right from the vertical alignment of dual cameras to the bezel-less display.

Building on the excitement of the iPhone launch, we have compiled a list of features that we wish the new Apple iPhone X will include.


We all remember the Iris scanner of the Samsung Flagships — Galaxy S8 and S8+ — and their performance. Wear a pair of glasses/lens or take the Galaxy S8 to a dark room, the Iris scanner will refuse to unlock the doors to your phone.

Plus, not to forget the security vulnerabilities associated with it. Hopefully, with the iPhone X, things will change for the better. Not only will we have a snappier Iris scanner but one which will work in all valid conditions — no matter what.


The last few months, the tech circle has been abuzz with news citing that the new iPhone X ‘s Touch ID. Initially, the speculations were about the new and unique under-the-display Touch ID, but soon it was revealed that Apple will do away with the Touch ID altogether.

But in the absence of a Touch ID, let’s hope that the new recognition system is robust enough to handle the unlocking part well — especially when it comes to unlocking the phone in dark. And talking about having a physical button as a backup plan, I am all in for that.


2017 is all about great screen-to-body ratios. The new Galaxy Note8 has a screen to body ratio of 83.2% while LG’s V30 boasts of a screen-to-body ratio of 81.2% approximately.

Again, if we look back to the iPhone 7 Plus, it featured a screen-to-body ratio of roughly 67.7%.


Almost all the high players in the smartphone world are playing with QHD panels and 4K display these days. If you recollect, both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus featured only LED screens with HD and FHD resolution respectively. And with the iPhone X, it’s reported that Apple will introduce an edge-to-edge OLED display. Compared to LCDs, OLED displays produce dynamic results, thanks to the faster response times and rich color reproduction.



Yes, the famous debate about missing headphones jack is a never ending debate. While a portion of the consumers prefers it the wireless way, the other half prefers to go the wired way.

Reason? Well, for starters, the fear of misplacing or their limited functionality when it comes to pairing them with other devices. Though we fear that this wish won’t be granted — considering that even the Essential Phone has nixed it — we really wish to see a headphone jack on the new iPhone X.


These were some of the features that we wish to see in the tenth anniversary iPhone aka iPhone X. Of course, only time will tell how many of these 5 wishes will bear fruit. Until then, why don’t you tell us your wishlist?