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5 Instagram Marketing Hacks for 2019


Insta is the new-gen face of any millennial, who wants to interact and get interacted with. This post will walk you through five super high Instagram marketing hacks that will make your business more vibrant and get in many audiences.

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Hashtags & Geo-Tags

Ever informed that few Instagram hashtags can increase your engagement and followers count? Likeminded people get to see your posts on their newsfeed, just because of one effective hashtag. Popular hashtags like #Tagforlikes or #Followback can capture more attention.

Geo-Tagging is a great feature for locally-based businesses. It may reach the people of your location to be accessed. If you’ve forgotten to geo-tag in any of your images, just click on the three dots near your picture and edit, then you can simply geo-tag.

Like & get alike

You would have been noticing random people liking your images even when they aren’t your followers. This may be a result of either your hashtag or primarily because of your likes for some other images. For every 10 photos you randomly like, you may receive 15-20 likes approximately. Why take a chance?  Keep liking, and make people happy too.

Keep Track of timings

Many of us might have a rough day, and might be clinging to our routine and wanting to move out of it by swiping through the social news feed. After work hours, social media engagement would high in heights. Posting between 9 pm and 8 am will create maximum impact for your posts, as off-hours are the most effective time to post videos on Instagram.

Keep Telling(Posting) Stories

Instagram unveiled the stories feature in 2016, and people started being crazy about it. That particular option can be a powerful tool if used in the right way. Insta stories allow you to add a “call to action” button within your story. This can serve great for you to advertise inviting consumer interaction. They are ideal for promotions, limited time offers, sales and new products, for a shorter period.

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Go live, Be alive

Going live on Instagram is another great feature for any business. This allows brands to stream hour-long videos that too in real-time! This can hold interactive content, FAQs, Tutorials, behind-the-scenes, tutorials and much more. Since the video will disappear in 24 hours of its initial publication date, the content can be more exclusive and personal. This moment can make your followers drive back to your page and website effectively.