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Make Your Event Paperless Using Technology

Paperless Do you know that Landfills are among the biggest contributors to soil pollution – roughly 80% of the items buried in landfills could be recycled? Do you know that 4.1 million hectares of forests each year are destructed/ cut to fulfill our paper obsession?


Organizing an event, irrespective of the scale means that there will be loads of vendor management, exclusive invites, gifts, and loads of printing. Some of these items are steadily becoming outdated in favor of digitalization, at least in some parts of the world.

Like many of us have trained ourselves to stop before printing out emails as we move into the thick of the 21st century, we can go paperless and make our events sustainable and environmentally friendly!

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Go Paperless and organize sustainable events

A good start to change this can be trying to rely more on technology. Every event these days have a website and every attendee will surely have an email address.  Go paperless by showcasing all information either on the website or the mobile app. Paper invitations should be replaced with email invites- the designers do an amazing job to give a royal touch to the attendees.

With the surge of technology, paper-work has become a trend of the past. Most event businesses are now moving on from the tedious, old school methods towards newer technology that simplifies their tasks. People have started looking for ways that reduce effort and increase their efficiency helping them achieve better results.

Going paperless has several advantages:

  • it minimizes hassles
  • eliminates manual work
  • makes it easy for your attendees to sign up from anywhere
  • even cuts down on your staff needs

Some event organizers are reluctant while opting for the paperless method, they are still very apprehensive if going paperless is actually the right choice they are making. To ensure that you do not lose any data and cause any errors in the process of going paperless is critical. A trusted event management tool is needed to ensure that you have not made the choice by opting for the paperless method for your event.

Use Townscript to go Paperless

Townscript can help you make your event paperless. It is packed with all the features that you might need while organizing your event. Townscript can help you sell tickets (in various categories) manage attendees, payments, invites and a lot more.

Some of the advantages of going paperless with Townscript are:

1. Conveniently create an event on Facebook. Mention the Townscript ticket link in the URL and invite your friends and attendees through Facebook. You can even sell tickets directly on Facebook!

2. Sell tickets online using Townscript. Once the attendee makes the payment for the ticket, he/she will receive an e-ticket. He/she can present that copy of the ticket at the event, no hard-copy required.

3. Use the Townscript Event Manager App – a simple and easy to use android organizers app to manage check-in on the day of the registration. Instead of printing attendee sheets, use our free app to check-in the attendees on your event day. Check out our Townscript Event Organiser App

4. Townscript Send Announcement feature to send important announcements and materials as attachments. No need to give information like event agenda, route map, conference schedule, speaker profiles, etc. in hard copy. Simply use this feature to send any such information in the form of attachment through emails.

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BONUS: Townscript Event Check-In Software

We have developed an enhanced event check-in and management software to help event organizers in the smooth handling of the check-in process. Search Participants through any of the information like Registration Number, Name, Email address or phone number and mark their attendance. That’s it! The entire process gets completed within 10 seconds! This is how smooth and fast the process is.

You can use this software for managing conferences, entertainment events and even bib-expo of marathons. You can even handle spot registrations through this software without using any paper. Contact us for event check-in software inquiries.