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One­Plus 5 Lays Focus on Improv­ing Cam­era Tech

OnePlus 5 is going to be officially unveiled at an event later today but as we gear up towards the launch event, it’s worth noting what you can expect from the new flagship killer from the Chinese smartphone maker.

One­Plus 5

OnePlus hasn’t been in the market for relatively as long as its major competitors like Apple, Google and Samsung, but has already made its mark in the premium phone segment market.

The beauty of OnePlus is that although it offers similar or even higher hardware specs with its device as compared to its competitors, the pricing of their device plays a crucial role in their popularity as they offer more for less — actually very less, relatively.

But as much innovation the company has put into improving the new device overall, one of the major improvements that we can expect will come in the OnePlus 5’s camera tech.

The camera is also one of the areas many new companies like Oppo and Vivo have been trying to innovate into. Google’ Pixel device currently claims the best camera available on the smartphone.

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Talking to the Verge, co-founder Carl Pei said,”The OnePlus 3 can compete with the flagships, but the camera is a good camera, it’s not an amazing camera.”

The company has focussed immensely in improving the quality of images that its camera produces, something that can be confirmed looking at the pre-launch polls and image promotions run by the company on their social media and other publications.

Although the company is trying to compete with bigwigs of the industry such as Apple and Samsung, they’re still a long way from integrating tech into the phones like the biggies.

Apple and Samsung have their own in-house engineers working on processors, camera tech as well as displays in the latter’s case, but OnePlus — which is owned by BBK Electronics — still can not facilitate their own technological advancement.

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So, there goes the debacle of OnePlus launching devices with exclusive tech — which isn’t going to happen anytime soon, until the company decides to hire in thousands more, ramp up R&D and production too.

Since the OnePlus 5 has already crossed half a million pre-orders even before people got a look or feel of the device, that alone speaks volume about where the company is headed and with backers in millions, the future looks bright for the flagship killers.