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Smart Home Technology Can Save a lot of your Time

Convenience is the core attraction of smart home technology. Imagine a house where you remotely operate your appliances; before you reach your home. Whether its wanting your AC to be turned on or even opening the garage door from the comfort of your car, smart technology is a world of comforts.

Nearly every smart home appliance or device will save ample time and provide comfort by eliminating the manual tasks of your life, providing you easy access to your accessories, and enabling you to exercise a distant reach to your home-based gadgets.

Smart Home

We will discuss some of these gadgets that can enable you to enjoy the perks of smart home tech.

Smart Speakers

This is essentially a wireless speaker capable of being operated via voice command, equipped with an integrated virtual assistant that enables an interactive system of actions and hands-free access by calling out one single “hot word” like Alexa or Ok Google Smart speakers will make your life more comfortable than ever. With a single word, you can access compatible smart lights and other similar devices. Thanks to manufacturers, smart speakers are affordable and are readily available at Amazon and Google with compact versions. You can easily opt for any suitable option to gain further comfort.

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Robot Vacuums

With a smart robot available to clean your floor and keep your room hygienic, are you going to pick up the erstwhile handy vacuum cleaner yourself to clean your room?

Of course not! With the advent of smart robot vacuums, which will do it all for you, you can save your precious time being spent in cleaning the room for some productive activity. Robot vacuums are smart devices with intelligent programming for a built-in vacuum cleaning system. The intriguing part of the new model is that it remembers the layout of your house.

Several competent cleaners like iRobot’s Roomba series and Neato Botvacs are very popular choices in the market, which can traverse your halls, maintain your floors’ tidiness, and keep you free from this hectic chore.

The cost of this perk is, however, not that easy to digest. Robot vacuums are available in the price range of $300 (older models) to $1,000+. But the device is worth paying for and shall justify its price once it’s properly deployed to patrol your household.

Smart Appliances

Smart Wi-Fi-connected appliances are available in a huge variety and can save you ample time in various ways. You can enjoy a remote access to your smart ovens (available brands are Whirlpool and GE), using an app. With this, you can get your supper ready much faster and easily when you reach home. Enjoy warm food as soon as your reach your residence.

Smart refrigerators (famous brand: Samsung Family Hub) have installed interior cameras that you can access with an app and it’s a very useful gadget indeed. Imagine you are in a grocery store and you forgot whether you have milk at your home or not. No worries! Take a look inside your fridge through the refrigerator app and decide whether or not you have to purchase any specific items.

Smart washers and dryers are another luxurious option to facilitate your life. These devices can update you on your laundry if your clothes are ready or not, even when you are off the station. Besides, interestingly, smart washers and smart dishwashers can place an order for detergent through Amazon Dash, and this option will further ease your shopping pain. They can even track what quantity you use and can place likewise orders automatically.

Smart Plugs

Are you too lazy to get up and switch on an electronic device? A smart plug will provide ease of use by assisting you in bridging the gap to walled electric boards. It is basically a power container that plugs into a conventional electrical socket and integrates it with your smart network. It enables you to control/access your plugged device from an integrated app on your mobile phone or via your voice through a virtual assistant.

Smart Locks

When you have smart doors in your house, a smart lock will definitely be needed. You must have one to best fit the smart circuit.     It’s an electromechanical digitally operated lock designed to provide you locking and unlocking services for your house door. The device works via receiving signals from an authorized device using a wireless protocol and a programmed key to perform the door process.

Among the famous brands in the US are Shlage and Kwikset, readily available in different varieties at almost any famous online store. However, some great and cheaper Chinese variants are also very good like Yoheen and Wafu. We personally recommend Yoheen’s smart locks.

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Smart Clocks

Yes, you read it right, it’s a smart clock, not smartwatch which is a story of old days now. Smart clocks are capable of providing you the details of calendar, events, time, weathers, and IFTTT alerts. Glance and Echo are famous brands offering you different app versions, available at both Google play store and iOS store available in the US and there are many amazing brands you can find on Aliexpress from China as well, including some clocks that even have spy-cameras so you can watch your baby or spy on your nanny without her knowing.