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6 USB‑C Pow­er Deliv­ery Cables for Fast Charging

USB-C with Power Delivery, or PD, is the future of gadgets and rightly so. This new generation technology can power compatible smartphones and laptops like MacBook Pro or Chromebook Pixel in a jiffy. And the story doesn’t end there. With the right USB-C cable by your side, you can also expect fast and quick data transfers.


All you need to do is pair these cable with a compatible USB-C charger, and you will be able to charge your device on the go. USB-C PD cables go beyond charging and data transfers. These universal cables are also capable of bidirectional power delivery. So, if you have an external drive, you can use a single cable to power the device as well as for data transfer.

So, if you are looking for the best USB-C power delivery cables for fast charging and data transfer, here are some of the best ones out there.

Before that, take a look at these options:


One of the primary highlights of this cable is its build. The company claims that it can withstand 35,000 bends. Though no one is keeping count, it’s worth saying that it will last you a long time. The build is further aided by the nylon braiding which keeps the cable safe from fraying and splitting. Furthermore, you can bid farewell to unnecessary tanglings.

Another feature worth the slightly-high price tag is the finish and the build. The build is solid and the slim design of the connectors means it doesn’t crowd the neighboring ports.


If we talk about data transfers, this one leaps and gives you a theoretical transfer speed up to 10Gbps. For those unaware, USB 3.1 or SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps, has a maximum throughput of 10Gbps. So, if your laptop has a compatible port, you will be able to transfer data as fast as the Flash. Okay, I might have gone a bit overboard, but you get the drift. While you won’t get an actual speed of 10Gbps, you will get a comparatively faster speed.

The best part about Nekteck products is their USB IF-certifications. These cables have been tested by an independent lab for performance and safety. Unlike the one above, this Nekteck USB-C cable measures just 3ft. If you ask me, it’s sufficient for most situations, especially of all your peripherals are in the same place.

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3. CBUS 6.6FT USB-C 100W

The connectors carry a coat of aluminum oxide, and they’re rust-proof and resistant to impacts, as per the company’s claims. It works well in charging as well as in data transfers. “Works great for powering or connecting your USB-C devices. Tried and tested with cell phones, laptops, docking stations,” writes one user.

One of the drawbacks of this cable is the shorter strain relief. On the upside, the cable is thick and might not fray as soon as the Apple’s stock cables.


The available in many sizes give you the flexibility to route your cables as per your desire. That also brings a disadvantage. Because these cables are bulky and thicker, you might face some difficulty in carrying them or storing them when not in use.

This Fasgear cable is quite popular on Amazon and has earned the tag of Amazon’s Choice. People love it for its data transfer and charging speed, and so far, it has 78% 5-star reviews.

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The 6-foot length makes it more flexible, especially if the power outlet is at a distance from your usual place.

The price is considerably lower than the Anker PowerLine+ III cable or the in-house Apple cable. Of course, you won’t get the same data transfer speed, but thankfully, the charging speed works as advertised. “Seems sturdy and very well made. Works great for my Macbook Pro (15”) as well as Macbook Pro (13”),” writes one user.



These days, phone batteries die out sooner than anticipated, thanks to apps and content and nope, fast charging is the new normal. Out of the above, the Nektech charger seems to fit the bill of being able to power your phone as well as in aiding fast data transfers.

Best Leather Bands for the Fit­bit Ver­sa 2

The new Fitbit Versa 2 makes for a compelling smartwatch for it looks quite elegant, thanks to its flat square dial. It was the square dial with tapered edges that enticed me when I got my hands on it. But, the default band or strap does little to no justice to this smartwatch, especially when it comes to everyday wear. It’s stiff and can be quite uncomfortable to wear for longer durations. Thankfully, like most Versa smartwatches, you can swap it out for a stylish and comfortable leather band.Fitbit Versa 2 

Leather bands add to the class and elegance to any watch, be it the good old analog watch or the new-age smartwatches, and the Fitbit Versa 2 is no exception. These bands help make the shift from a casual setting to a formal setting in an instant.

So, if you are looking for the leather bands for your new Fitbit Versa 2, we have a collection of the best replacement straps available.


The thin band means less space for sweat and water to be trapped, which ultimately leads to more comfort. And if you wear your watch every minute like I do, you must know that this is an important factor.

Apart from that, there are many prints to choose from. You can either go for the standard dark colors or go for a more lively floral print.

The Bayite leather straps cost less than $10 and have amassed a good number of reviews owing to the comfort and durability. “I love the slimness of my new band, it’s very comfortable and very pretty and was easy to install,” writes one user.



For a strap that is just priced at around $11, the details are pretty much spot on. All the perforations are evenly spaced, and the black buckle boosts the overall looks. It’s suitable for people with wrists that have a width between 5.5 to 7.8-inches.

It’s quite popular on Amazon and has an overall rating of 4.3-stars out of 5, and Fakespot estimates that about 69 percent of those are reliable.


The company claims that the underside consists of hypoallergenic leather, which means fewer rashes and irritations. More importantly, it doesn’t cause sweat to build on the inside.

Like its counterpart above, the Kades Leather band is popular among its user base. It has a rating of 4.4-star out of 5 on Amazon, with propel praising its color, comfort, and easy installation process.


There are two sizes to select from, and the smaller one fits on the wrists measuring between 5.5 to 7.1-inches. It’s available in two shades — Moss Suede and Charcoal.

And the genuine Horween leather will last you longer compared to some of the third-party variants, as long as you take proper care of it.



It fits wrists with a circumference between 5.5 to 7.9-inches, and there are more than a dozen color options to pick from.

One of the highlights of this band is the even spacing of the perforations and the stitches, which adds to the looks of the watch.


There are two sizes to choose from, and we would recommend measuring the circumference of your wrist before ordering one. After all, you wouldn’t want a long tail of strap hanging around, right?

The buckle is made from stainless steel, and so far, there have been no complaints of rusting if we go by the reviews on Amazon. Speaking of reviews, this leather band for the Fitbit Versa 2 is quite popular and has attracted a user rating of 4.6-stars out of 5 on Amazon.


While leather bands help accentuate a watch’s looks by several folds, it’s worth noting that they are not one of the most comfortable bands to wear while you are sweating out in the gym or out running on the trail. In such cases, it’s best to invest in a nylon strap or a sports strap. They may not be the best looking ones in the herd, but they are comfortable to wear and at the same time, prevent rashes and irritations.

If you are looking for a durable silicone strap, try out the ones by XIMU. They have enough perforations to let sweat escape, and the silicone of the band is breathable and waterproof. Or, you can check out the nylon bands by Welltin. They are available in a wide array of colors and are comfortable to wear.

5 Best Under Desk Ellip­ti­cals Under $200

There’s nothing good about a sedentary lifestyle. It make you less flexible, and also adds health risks. A majority of us are stuck to our desk for a huge chunk of the day and it can’t be helped. Or can it be? There are quite a few exercise machines designed for people like us who spend a lot of time in their desks. From under-desk cycles to standing desk converters and desk cycles, the options are many. Another category that often goes unnoticed is under-desk ellipticals.

If you have long legs or the height of your desk is a little low, getting an under-desk cycle seems impractical as you won’t get the adequate clearance to pedal. Here’s where the ellipticals come into the picture As you already might know, ellipticals make forward/back motion as opposed to the circular motion of cycles. The best part is that some of these ellipticals let you exercise while standing. Best of both worlds, if you ask me. So if you have been trying to make a change to your sedentary lifestyle while working, here are our recommendations for the best under-desk ellipticals.


There’s a knob at the front to adjust the resistance level. It doesn’t have fixed resistance, though. You will have to pick one as per your comfort. At 24 x 17.5-inches, it has a smaller footprint. Plus, the lightweight ensures that you can easily put it aside when not in use. Or, you can drag it to your den and use it while streaming your favorite show on Netflix.

Reviewers are happy with the range of motion and the noiseless, smooth working. For now, the Stamina Inmotion Elliptical has a rating of 4.1-star out of 5 on Amazon.

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The good thing about this elliptical is that it has a solid build. The low profile ensures that it fits easily under the desk, provided that your desk doesn’t have a low height. And like its counterpart above, it also ships with a battery-powered digital monitor and non-slip pedals.

Reviewers are happy with their purchases and 61% of the users gave it a 5-star rating. They love it for its low-noise level, smooth magnetic resistance, and the sturdiness it brings to the table. One user sums her experience beautifully as, “Easy to put together, all tools included. It makes a little noise but is quiet enough that none of my coworkers hear it. It fits under my desk perfectly so I can use it sitting down or lift my desk & use it standing.”


If we talk specifics, this one measures 9.8-inches in height and around 17.7-inches in length. Do note that you will have to plug the product to the power outlet for the automated workouts.

The pedals are large as well as grippy and you should have no issues in your strides. Since it’s an automatic machine, you won’t be able to adjust the tension manually. But other than that, it’s a decent machine for the price. “This product really gives me the workout I need for when I’m sitting around and sedentary,” explains a user.



It ships partly assembled, and the remaining assembly is easy. At the same time, it has a good build quality for the price. In the long run, some of the machines may start to squeak. A user writes, “I bought this to keep my knees loose and it has been great! It was extremely quiet for the first 2 weeks before it started making an occasional noise. But it isn’t bad.”

Nevertheless, it has managed to acquire some good ratings. Out of the 90 reviews at the time of writing, it has 66% 5-star ratings.


The machine’s low profile translates into a natural fit under desks and counters with height as low as 29-inches. Several users have backed that. A user adds, “I can comfortably peddle while seated, with my knees nowhere close to the underside of the desk.”

The best part is that it doesn’t require any assembly, and you can use it straight out of the box. The resistance settings are decent, and the 8-different levels mean you can switch between them as per your preference. The build is solid. However, the base can rub against the floor surface and cause it to squeak. Thankfully, that is easily mendable by getting a quality anti-slip mat.


These were some of the best under-desk ellipticals that are available under $200. If you want to spend a bit more, you can check out the DeskCycle Ellipse or the highly popular Cubii Jr under-desk elliptical.

Best Pro­tec­tive Cas­es for Sam­sung Galaxy Buds Plus

If you are a long term user of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, you must know by now that the case is prone to scratches and scuff marks. And it is not grippy either. If you have sweaty hands, it manages to slip out easily. Trust me, it has happened to me, and it was not a pleasant experience. Thankfully, like many tech devices, there are dedicated cases for the Galaxy Buds Plus to keep them in pristine conditions.
Buds Plus

Many companies let you get creative with your earbuds’ case. You can announce your love for superheroes and cartoon characters with these cases. Or, if you can wish to go the ‘formal’ way, you can slap a plain case. Both these types of cases will preserve the looks of the charging case and ease the impact of falls and drops at the same time.

Most of the protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are inexpensive and affordable. Read on to find our picks for the best protective case for the Galaxy Buds Plus.


The makers have included a couple of important details. For instance, there’s a cutout for the LED light and the charging port. There’s a wide cutting near the hinge for easier access.

The case is compatible with wireless charging. It also ships with a carabiner that you can hook with keychains and belts. But given the light magnetic snap of the case, I would probably not use the latter.

You can also check out some of the DBrand skins for the Galaxy Buds Plus if you’re looking to add your personality to the case.

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Oh, and it packs a sleek carabiner. The unconventional design means you can hook it in your belt loop or keychain without a worry.

The case is sleek and thin. While it won’t protect the case if it falls from a great height, it will do its duty to keep scratches at bay. With it, you can wirelessly charge your case. There’s a neat flap over the charging port to keep off dust and lint.

Note that there’s no cut for the LED indicator. It’s available in many colors, including Red, Yellow, Pink, and Blue.


The makers claim that this case doesn’t collect dust and lint like most cases typically do, and some users have backed this claim. The fit is perfect, and the cuts are precise.

So far, it has managed to collect around 57% positive reviews. Users like it for its simple set-up process. One user sums their experience as, “Extra tape is provided in case you need to remove the protective case and the tape becomes unsticky. Attachment is easy and the charging port, the status light, the hinge, and the slot to open the case is not covered up by it.”

The Halleast TPU Protective Case is available in five colors — Black, Navy, Pink, Celurean, and Mint-green.


The cases are thin and don’t add much bulk to the case. There’s a neat cut for the charging indicator. However, the back doesn’t have hinges, and the thin lips tend to sour the look of the case slightly.

Reviewers are happy with their purchase, and so far, it has gained 4.1-stars out of 5 on Amazon. Note that the material is a magnet for lint and dust. If you happen to keep your earphones in your pocket, you might want to consider that.

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At the same time, the hinges at the back make it easy to open and close the case without the cover getting in the way. The Araree Case is compatible with both Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus, and so far, it has managed to collect around 80% positive 5-star reviews. Reviewers love it for its precise cutouts and its snug fit.

The best part is that it doesn’t add bulk to the frame. One reviewer writes, “It fits my buds+ well and the case cover lid snaps over case lid perfectly. This cover doesn’t make your case bulky and feels good in your palm.”


More importantly, they are adorable. The top of the case has a small cutting and stylized to look like a fruit. I am in love with the Strawberry case and might order one soon.

Apart from the above, it ships with an adorable ring to loop it with your car keys. The only thing, which you might want to consider before buying is that it doesn’t have any hinges at the back. There’s a thin lip over the hinges, which may eventually give out in the long run.

You may also check out some of the cases by Ztowoto if you are a fan of Captain America or The Batman (see best Batman wallpapers).


I just had the Galaxy Buds Plus for around 4 months now. While I have started to love the buds for their sound quality and customization options, the scuff marks and the micro scratches have given it a tad old look.

If you are in a similar situation such as mine, the best bet would be to get one of the cases mentioned above, and you are good to go.