Business Analysis Community Have you noticed lately that many forums are full of links to blogs and websites promoting products and services? That in these forums there is no real discussion, sharing of knowledge or collegial support for each other? Where are people actually talking about stuff?

In one way it is great that we have access to loads of information about business analysis and career-related topics. It is fantastic that there are people out there making a real contribution to our professional community – and I would like to think that I am one of those people.

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However, where do we get together and have real discussions without the distraction of excessive advertising? Without other agendas confusing the topic?

That is why my Facebook group is a highly moderated environment and does not allow any posting or activities that leverage this group in any way to promote outside interests.

You are very welcome to join here:

It is because I don’t want to lose the heart and soul of our community – which is YOU and your highly valued contribution to our fellow colleagues. When you are sharing your ideas, you are giving back to community and making a real difference in the lives of others.

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This difference may be big or small and may often be unseen – but it is definitely there.

Your words send out ripples. You pass on information on to one or many, and they pass it on to one or many, and it keeps going just like a ripple effect.

That is why any kind of negativity or unsupportive comments are also not allowed in my group. Discussions must be positive and constructive, so we can create positive and constructive – even beautiful – ripples.

Difficult conversations can be had, but in a professional manner and without the drama.

And let’s be honest, the other reason why I don’t allow promotional posting and negativity is because this is how I make living – and where I promote my services. I am a career coach who helps other business analysts transform their professional and personal lives.

To do this I want to create a community who is here for the same purpose – to help others.

Each and every one of you has wonderful gifts to share. These gifts can bring about positive change in the lives of others, and in the process do the very same for yourself.