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5 Best Webcams for Apple MacBook

The Apple MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air carries a mediocre webcam by today’s standards and usage. The 720p camera doesn’t cut it anymore. If you are on video calls and Zoom meetings throughout the day, you may want a camera that does better than the 720p of the built-in webcam of the Apple MacBooks that makes you appear flat and washed-out.


Today, most external webcams offer a healthy mix of features, including high-resolution videos and features like autofocus and zoom. And if you are in the mood to spend, you can also bring in features like HDR.

So if you are looking to buy a webcam, here are our recommendations for the best webcams for the Apple Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air. But before that,

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However, note that we do not need 4K webcams for everyday calls and videos unless you want to steam and record videos. That said, the two omnidirectional mics pick up audio well, and the noise-canceling feature does a good job of masking up the ambient noises. Many reviewers have praised this quality.

It packs a privacy shutter, so you can slide the privacy shutter to block the view if you are uncomfortable with the webcam.

It has a few shortcomings, though. For one, the background replacement feature fails to work as advertised if the lighting is not right. Secondly, the build quality is not impressive considering that this webcam costs over $150.

Other than that, you get a long detachable cable. Plus, the USB-C connectivity means you can hook it directly to your Mac.


This FHD webcam delivers quality video. For the record, it can handle 1080p at 30fps, while it does 720p at 60fps. Like the one above, it comes with dual microphones. But when you compare both Logitech cameras, the mic in the C922x Pro is not up to the mark.

The highlight of this webcam is its autofocus feature. This gives the webcam the ability to adjust its focus as per the ambient lighting. And it’s a big plus when you are on video calls throughout the days.


It’s a simple plug-and-play camera and doesn’t need any additional software to run.

The picture quality is clear, and several users have praised this feature as part of their reviews. Furthermore, you also get a nifty privacy shutter with this camera.

Like most webcams, the Nexigo camera is not perfect and has a few shortcomings. The wide-angle lens means that a major portion of your room will be visible in the background. While the mic transmits audio without any issues, the noise-cancellation feature can, at times, make you sound a little robotic. Secondly, the camera’s clip can be a little inconvenient to use at times.

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Other than that, it’s a decent webcam for MacBook users. The picture is clear, and the ring light gives an adequate amount of light. However, you have to keep the light on, or else you may see a darker picture.

The microphone transmits a clear voice. However, it doesn’t come with perks like a noise-canceling mic and the likes.

Being an inexpensive product, you’ll have to give up on features such as the USB-C connector. This one has a USB-A connector, and you’ll need to get a USB-C converter if you do not have one already.


The images appear clear, and the colors are mostly accurate, given that you have the right lighting conditions. However, the audio might not be up to the mark, and this is a compromise you have to make for the low pricing.

Last but not least, you will have to make peace with the USB-A port. And if you do not have a USB-C converter handy, that will add up to the costs.


These were some external webcams you can consider buying for your Apple MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air. Unfortunately, most affordable webcams have USB-A connectors and can hamper the audio processing and, in turn, make your voice sound a little different or robotic.