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5 Essential Portable Gaming Gadgets for August 2018

Gaming Gadgets Welcome to a brand new feature highlighting some of the best and most interesting portable gaming gear on the market. We’ll be running this regularly from now on, and highlighting our fave products of the month. The very best will make it into our running accessory list.

Gaming Gadgets

We’re mostly about the games here on PG, but we recognise that in order to play those games you need to splash the cash on hardware. We already bring you recommendations on the best gaming smartphones at various price points, and we’ll always review any new handheld consoles as they appear.

But what about the other portion of the portable gaming hardware business? Those accessories and gadgets that enhance your experience? We’re talking about the cases, controllers, screen protectors, stands, styluses, and the like.

That’s what this piece is all about. If you’re after a cool new accessory for your iOS or Android device, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, or even Vita, watch this space for some ideas.

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Joy-Con Charging Dock for Switch

Gaming Gadgets(1)
Price: £27

Here’s the thing with the Nintendo Switch. If you’re serious about its whole local multiplayer premise, then you’ll have bought yourself a second and maybe even third set of Joy-Cons. But the console only allows for charging one set at a time.

This officially licensed dock from PowerA solves that problem, as it can charge two sets of Joy-Cons at a time – leaving the console itself to charge a third pair, if necessary.

Gamevice controller for the iPad Mini
Price: £70

Got an iPad Mini hanging around collecting dust? Here’s an idea: why not turn it into a Nintendo Switch-like portable gaming machine?

Just buy a Gamevice controller, slot the components either side, and you’ll have yourself a very solid set of physical controls attached to a beautiful 8-inch display.

It’s not cheap, but it’s pretty much the best way to play many of the more traditional games and ports on the App Store.

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Nintendo Switch Type C Hub Multiport Adapter
Price: £31

The Switch is great for the way you can take it out on the go, or hook it up to your TV via the dock. But what if you want to take it out with you and then hook it up to a TV somewhere else?

This adapter lets you do just that, providing all the necessary ports in a compact dongle format. As a bonus, there’s also an ethernet port on there for a physical internet connection (competitive Splatoon 2/Smash Bros. sorts take note).

Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds

Gaming Gadgets2
Price: £150

Discrete smartphone gaming in public can be a bit of a bind from an audio perspective. iPhone users have got Apple’s super-discrete AirPods to turn to, but what about the Android crowd?

The Jabra Elite 65t is pretty much the best equivalent yet, with five hour battery life, easy connectivity, a pocketable charging case, and one-touch access to your voice assistant of choice.

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7/8
Price: £90

Nothing drains your iPhone’s battery as much as gaming. Not even Facebook. Or whatever social network the kids are using these days.

Apple’s official Smart Battery Case remains the best way to keep your iPhone juiced through the day, courtesy of a 2,365mAh battery extension. That’s good for a single complete charge from almost empty.

The items in our gadget lists are chosen by our editorial team in a completely independent manner, reflecting the stuff that we find useful and interesting. But many of them do contain affiliate links to the Amazon store. Buying stuff using one of these links is a great way to support Pocket Gamer, so a big THANK YOU if you do. There are other gadgets, gifts and gizmos – not all from Amazon, promise – recommended over on our jumbo running list of cool accessories.

Hope you liked this list. checkout more blog or reviews on gaming console site here. Let me know what you think in comments!