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Looking for a laptop docking station?

Thunderbolt 4 is the new flavor in the connectivity world, and boy does it pack a punch. It’s super-fast (it has 40Gbps bidirectional bandwidth), and the best part is that it works over USB-C. Even though it was introduced in early 2020, quite a few Windows laptops are now in the market with the said port. So, if you want to make the most out of your Thunderbolt Windows PC, it makes sense to connect it to a laptop docking station that supports Thunderbolt 4.


The dock will allow you to plug into an external monitor or projector without having to unplug anything from your computer! You’ll be able to use all of your peripherals like printers and scanners too! And don’t worry about compatibility – we have docks for both Macs and PCs so no matter what kind of machine you’re using at work or home, there’s one here for you!

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Gives you the flexibility of docking your laptop alongside an office environment

Connects to monitors, projectors and other peripherals with ease

Increases the lifespan of your laptop by protecting it from electrical damage caused by plugging in too many devices directly into the computer.

Improves the efficiency of your office space with a single cable connection between your desk and computer for all outlets.

Saves time and money because you’re only using one power adapter instead of two!

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Connects to a variety of devices at home, in the car, on airplanes and trains

With 40Gbps bidirectional bandwidth chances are that this is what you’re looking for

Benefit Bullets: 

This Thunderbolt docking station gives you an easy way to connect versatile desktop peripherals or add more displays when needed. You can also use it as a stand-alone USB-C hub.

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People have always been on the lookout for faster and more reliable connectivity options, but the best option is still to go with Thunderbolt 4. It’s super-fast and works over USB-C so there are a number of laptops in the market that support it–and we can help you find one too! So if you want your Windows PC to make use of its full potential, connect it to an external docking station that supports Thunderbolt 4. We offer some great laptop docks here at Veeam, so visit us today!