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The Best Gas Cooktops of 2020

Gas cooktops remain a popular option for home kitchens: They heat instantly, allow for immediate and direct adjustment to heat levels, and are very cheap to use. It’s no surprise if you prefer to use a gas stovetop — but picking out the right one may prove challenging with all the choices on the market.

To help you find the best cooktop option around, we have picked several of the best options available, starting with a particularly durable Bosch 30-inch model. However, we also chose a number of other great options at various price points, so be sure to take a look at the full list.

Bosch 30-inch NGMP056UCGas Cooktops

Bosch is well known for its high-quality cooktops, and this gas model is highly durable, with a minimalistic grating over its five burners that provides all the support you need while still being easy to clean. But just because the cooktop looks simple doesn’t mean it foregoes advanced features. In fact, Bosch has equipped this model with a number of useful features for those who prefer gas: An electronic re-ignition sequence will re-light any burner that suddenly goes out, and each burner is marked by a subtle red LED light to let you know if it’s on or off. One of the burners is a particularly powerful 20,000 BTU model that lets you choose between extra-fast boiling or low simmering that won’t scorch your more delicate creations.

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Frigidaire 30-inch FPGC3077RS

Frigidaire is another brand well-known for its long-lasting kitchen appliances. This 5-burner gas cooktop combines great quality with a more reasonable price tag than some of the other top-line cooktops on the market. The no-nonsense knobs are particularly sturdy, and the continuous cast iron grate, while heavy, does a great job of supporting any size of pot or pan, no matter where you want to put it. Burners range from 9,500 BTUs to a powerful center burner rated at 18,200 BTUs, excellent for quick boiling.

GE 30-inch PGP9830DJBB

Gas Cooktops1

While gas cooktops tend to look more or less the same (stainless steel and iron grating are the first choice for most brands), this GE model quickly stands out with its more unique design choices. Note the powerful fan in the middle, an important consideration for those without an overhead fan, and a powerful venting feature that can move up to 330cfm of air directly from around the burners to diminish smells and smoke. The four burners range from 5,500 to 11,500 BTUs, not as powerful as some of our other choices and without a fast-boil option but suitable for more casual kitchen spaces. If you need on-oven venting, this is one of the best choices!

Thermador 36-inch SGSX365TS

Thermador’s very powerful gas cooktop offers 58,400 BTUs in total, with a high-powered burner that can output up to 16,000 BTUs for fas heating. However, it also offers two small simmer burners if you want more low heat, which five incremental adjustments you can make to keep foods warm or lightly cooking. There’s also a re-ignition feature that automatically reignites burners if the flame goes out, and indicator lights for all burners. The grates are particularly minimalistic for this model while allowing full access to the burners — which are themselves sealed to prevent any spills from reaching the flames themselves. There’s also a 30-inch version of this model available for smaller ovens.

Samsung 30-inch NA30N6555TS

Samsung’s five-burner model comes with a griddle you can switch in for larger cooking projects — and a whole lot of style. We are particular fans of the large, weighty knobs, which are widely spaced out and backlit with blue LEDs so you can tell which burns are active at a glance. The three-piece grate is easy to use and clean, and the burners range from 5,000 to 19,000 BTUs depending on what kind of heating you want. Since this is Samsung, we were also not surprised to see Wi-Fi connectivity built into this cooktop: You can monitor and control the burners and heat via an app, wherever you are!

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Empava 30-inch 30GC5B70C

Those $1,000 to $2,000 burners are fine, but maybe you’re looking for a much more cost-efficient option to save money. This Empava cooktop is extremely affordable, and you still get cast iron grating, stainless steel design, and heating options up to 12,000 BTUs. There’s also a continuous grate, rare on a cooktop at such a low price, to help make cleaning and the moving of pans around easier. There aren’t a lot of extra features available, but there are safety sensors that will automatically shut off a burner if they detect a heating problem. The knobs are made of coated stainless steel.