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The Wide Application of Zentangle Art Patterns

They say "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see", and I could not agree more. It is the power to help you find yourself and lose yourself at the same time. Such a very simple, yet intriguing and fun method is the one that involves Zentangle art patterns. It is very simple to learn, it is relaxing, and creative approach to make excellent pictures by drawing organized examples.

It is so popular because practically anyone can use it to make breath-taking pictures. Even though it involves specified steps, the result is a pretty creative expression. People all over the world from different ages enjoy the Zentangle method and thousands have found it relaxing enough to help them break free from the chains of stress. So let's take a look at some of its characteristics.


With the Zentangle method, anyone can make amazing pictures from repetitive examples. It is anything but difficult to learn and it is very simple. Also, despite the fact that it is a predefined arrangement of steps, it results in an innovative expression that raises above its own guidelines.

• Fun and Relaxing

The making of Zentangle art is a fun and happy approach that helps you unwind and purposefully encourage a shift in perspective and focus. It is unrestricted by author opinion and cost which can weigh on other methods. However, it is neatly organized and structured so you can really enjoy it and benefit from such an activity that otherwise may be considered whimsical.

• Timeless

The creation of designs, symbols and the mere act of drawing is a part of our human nationality. In a time when the world revolves around computers, cell phones and other sophisticated gadgets that were designed to simplify our lives, the simple strokes that are fundamental of the Zentangle art patterns method make you engage in a comfort of basic, timeless creativity.

• Ceremonial

This exciting method involves some pretty simple and repetitive steps. They support focus, relaxation and are very inspiring. You can practice this method every day and make it your daily ritual – a recipe for happiness.

• Portable

Here comes the best part – all that you really need to make delightful Zentangle art can fit in your pocket. This simple to learn method can be done basically anywhere you might be, whether alone or in a group, without having to invest in any expensive equipment.

Source by Trevor Iseah